Groundskeeping Services – Making A Good First Impression

A great first impression counts. By demonstrating clear order and professionalism, businesses can clinch that all important deal and spark an enduring client relationship.

Whilst few would disagree with this notion, many neglect to realise the importance of efficient grounds maintenance in securing a seal of approval. Desks and meeting rooms are tidied without fail; but the appearance of your property’s surrounding area can become an afterthought.

The car park is often a visitor’s first port of call, so ensuring it is kept clear of waste and weeds is key. Merco makes sure to remove all signs of litter and any pesky shrubs that may make a business car park look any less than pristine.

Pathways and driveways should also be given the same rigorous treatment. Signs of overgrown greenery, rogue waste products and a build-up of slippery leaves can all contribute to a negative first impression. In contrast, a manicured lawn and carefully shaped shrubbery sends out an immediate signal of professionalism.

Whilst these often neglected elements are important, they are also easy to rectify. Merco offers tailored groundskeeping services suitable for any establishment, whether large or small. Our highly trained team will ensure that the first impression of your property is exactly what you want it to be.

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