Bespoke Cleaning Service: Putting Your Needs First

The inspiration behind Merco came from seeing what was wrong with the cleaning industry. Too often commercial cleaning companies seem to fail to take into account what is most important – their client’s needs. We decided to give the people of Manchester what we saw it was very clearly lacking; a reliable and bespoke cleaning service.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning services. For each client we make sure to develop a bespoke plan, which helps to safeguard against inefficiency and poor service.

Talk it through:

Understanding exactly what our clients want has been paramount to us building a great reputation. We talk through key areas of focus, whether it be regular window cleaning or making sure communal areas gleam. We match the best products on the market with the jobs that need doing. This ensures that our clients get the best from their budget – a must for any business.

Know your restrictions:

Disruptions restrict productivity in an office, so we make sure not to be one. We liaise with our clients to find the best times to suit their schedules. Being considerate to tenants is key, otherwise you will be left with a barrage of complaints, not compliments.


Service should be hands-on. It is extremely important that we get feedback from our clients on any way we can do our jobs better. Our staff are highly trained on the latest cleaning products and methods, meaning we can go to clients with new ideas that achieve the best results.

To find out more, or to start creating your own tailored cleaning plan, call us on 0161 883 0328 or Request A Quote.