Industry Predictions for 2014 – A Profitable Year For Cleaning Companies

2014 is set to be a profitable year for cleaning companies across the country with industry experts predicting higher profit margins and increased job opportunities in the sector. However, despite these promising statistics business owners still need to be alert to the challenges ahead and seize opportunities to grow their organisation.

Social media has had an undeniable impact on our public and professional lives and has become a primary means of communication in the modern world. Professional network sites such as LinkedIn provide a useful tool for businesses to keep in touch with current clients, connect with potential clients and keep abreast of the latest industry news and developments. Using social media also allows smaller companies to gain access to larger organisations with the click of a button.

Improving operations and placing an emphasis on employee education is also a priority for companies looking to strengthen their offerings. Approaching internal operations strategically and thinking of ways to streamline certain functions will help companies reduce cost and in turn gain more profit. This is particularly important at a time when the average wage is set to increase; reducing internal costs will ensure that profit margins will not be detrimentally effected. Another consideration is employing sustainability solutions and green measures to reduce costs on energy resources.  Furthermore, by positioning your organisation as a company that is aware of how cleaning impacts on environmental and human health will help safeguard against any negative associations or public perceptions.

Finally, a knowledgeable and well trained workforce will help boost productivity and can help deliver excellent customer service. Working with global training institutions such as ISSA will not only help raise the standard of practise amongst your employees but will also show clients that your organisation takes pride in its workforce and is continually looking to develop professionally.