Cleaning Innovations Teaching Children Good Hygiene

Small Hands, Big Challenge: The Cleaning Innovations Teaching Children Good Hygiene

As any parent will tell you, getting your children to wash their hands isn’t always a breeze. after using the bathroom, playing outside or stroking the family pet isn’t always a breeze. Your child can be exposed to hundreds of germs at school or nursery, it is important that a school has sufficient cleaning services to ensure there are clean and appropriate facilities available. In fact, some parents find themselves worrying that they’re treading a fine line between encouraging good hygiene and planting the seeds of a complex in their child. Thankfully, upcoming cleaning innovations ideas are here to help, and have brought some interesting methods to the table.

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Puff the Magic Dryer


Playing to children’s imaginations is a great way to teach them a range of food habits, and Edinburgh-based The Magic Dryer Company and Oxford-based Airdri have hit on a novel way of encouraging good hand-hygiene through imaginative means. Meet Puff the Magic Dryer, a hand-drying machine that is both eye-catching to children (especially those who love dragons) and mercifully quiet. Using Airdri’s engineering prowess, Puff the Magic Dryer has won the Quiet Mark for producing only 71 decibels when in use; controlling the loud sound of a dryer is crucial in making the apparatus more approachable for small children when cleaning their hands and safe for tiny ears.

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Hope Soap


In South Africa, hundreds of people die every year from diseases such as typhoid and cholera due to poor hygiene. Unfortunately, children run the greatest risk of being affected by these ailments due to their weaker immune systems and the tendency of germs to spread rapidly via unwashed hands. To combat this, a creative group of collaborators came together to create Hope Soap – a bar of soap with a small toy in the centre. As children use the soap, it diminishes (as you would expect) until all that remains is the toy. This form of positive reinforcement enables young children to develop good hygiene habits early on by making them excited to wash their hands – and will hopefully contribute towards preventing these diseases from spreading unchallenged.


cleaning innovations

Squid Soap


Last year, Squid Soap made waves in the parenting world for two reasons: firstly, it made washing tiny hands fun, and secondly it ensured that children were washing their hands for the ideal time of 20 seconds (the amount of time it takes to properly be rid of germs). To achieve this almost heroic feat, Squid Soap makes use of a small ink pad on top of the dispenser. Once a child pushes down to release the soap, they receive an ink stamp that takes – you guessed it – 20 seconds to disappear if they’ve washed their hands properly. This ingenious idea makes hygiene a fun challenge to overcome and can help reduce the amount of illnesses being passed around schools by focusing on washing thoroughly.

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