A Fresh Start for Your Office: 5 Cleaning Resolutions to Keep in 2016

It’s been regularly proven that a tidy working environment can greatly improve employee efficiency and happiness – and after returning to work from the festive break, there’s a chance your team may need that boost to their surroundings.

But rather than just a quick post-Christmas tidy up, why not put in place some cleaning resolutions for your office this year? Don’t worry: we’ve done the hard work for you by putting together a list of where to start in 2016. Good luck!

  1. ‘Put All Coffee Mugs Away at the End of the Day’

This is an area of much griping and tension between employees – especially when it comes to mug-hoggers. The first resolution we suggest would see that all employees wash and put away their mugs at the end of the day. This ensures a tidy start to the day, as well as a constant supply of clean mugs for visiting clients and employees alike!

  1. ‘Clear Your Desk Before You Leave’

Starting the day with a clean desk takes more effort than simply putting away a mug, however. To tackle the issue of messy workspaces, set aside the last 5 minutes of the day for employees to quickly clear their desk – whether it’s sorting stray papers, putting important documents away or just wiping away some crumbs, it’ll make all the difference the next morning – as well as providing a welcoming sight to visitors.

  1. ‘Recycle More’

The New Year is the perfect time to encourage your employees to take part in recycling more. Not only is it helping the environment and showing corporate responsibility, it also creates more order in the workplace and means the smell of rotting apple cores is kept to the kitchen bin, rather than mixed in with scrunched up papers.

  1. ‘No Eating At Your Desk’

Eating at your desk and working over lunch has been shown to have negative health effects – such as increased stress and indigestion from not concentrating – as well as causing many messy accidents. Try encouraging employees to either eat outside (in the warmer months), or set aside a designated eating area for them to take their lunch. They’ll be happier being away from their desks, can socialise with one another more, and the chance of spillages and crumbs littering their workspace drops dramatically.

  1. ‘Everyone Has to Pitch In’

The only way to make any of these resolutions stick is to get everyone on the team involved. Make sure each employee is clued into the resolutions – perhaps by sticking them up for all to see – and recognise who is putting in the effort. Following these simple rules throughout the year will help your team to create a harmonious, clean and refreshing work environment in 2016 – and the best thing is that they take very little time to implement!

We can’t guarantee you’ll keep to your resolutions, but we can guarantee a reliable and high quality cleaning service to keep your workplace welcoming all year round.
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