A Day in the Life of: Paul Johnson

Name: Paul Johnson

Job Title: Area manager.

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Responsibilities: Paul’s job is to look after the portfolio within his area, make sure staff are working to standards, order the cleaning products and equipment , dealing with clients and contractors, sorting any issues with staff and their work. Paul keeps things running smoothly.

What’s a typical day like for You, Paul?
“I usually get to the offices for about 8.30 am and make sure I’ve got the different keys I need for the day – there’s obviously quite a few sets! I’ve also got to load the van with all our cleaning products which we deliver to various sites around Manchester to make sure our staff have what they need, and then head off on my round. I have a worksheet with all the jobs I need to tackle that day with me in the van and methodically work my way through it challenging any issues which come up. Every day is a new challenge.”

Favourite Part of the Day: Meeting different people with different personalities.

What Daunting Tasks Have You Faced?
“None that are so much daunting, but challenging. As we go about our day we are constantly asked “just to do this” and “just do that” and at times it can become hectic but every day ends on a happy note. It’s a fulfilling job.”

What’s Your Favourite Unusual Request?
I regularly see a resident who, as he’s an older gentleman, needs some help changing one of his interior spotlights about once a month. I don’t mind helping him out though, so it’s no trouble. The unusual bit came when, after the first time, he put a pound coin in my hands as a thank you!”

Have You Ever Had Any Strange Situations to sort out?
“Definitely. We had one resident who decided to dispose of her baby’s nappies using the window – throwing them from the top floor onto the ground floor resident’s patio. We had to discuss that with her – she initially blamed her three month old baby!”

What’s the Most Rewarding Part of the Job?
“Definitely the feedback I get. We recently gained a new client who I dealt with, arranging contracts and bulky item removals on a regular basis etc. He sent a very positive email to Simon [Dresdner; Managing Director] thanking me for my hard work. Knowing I’ve done a good job is always rewarding.”

And finally, to keep it seasonal, what are you most looking forward to about Autumn? 
“Definitely Halloween – I have four children, so it’s always a fun time of year!”