The key to staff training

Happy, well-trained staff are at the core of a successful business. When the right techniques are used, levels of efficiency are higher, costs are lowered and the working environment is safer and more pleasant. Here are some of the steps key to developing a fantastic workforce:

Interview properly

Whilst this may seem obvious, it can be easy to hire someone quickly without putting the time into a rigorous interview process. We believe it is really important to find people that truly fit with your company’s core values. At Merco we look for candidates with great presentational skills and a warm, conscientious approach. The person you hire will interact with your clients, wear your uniform and represent your skills as a company, so it’s vital that business owners play a key part in the recruitment process. Putting time in at the beginning will mean you gain a long term asset to your business, who will be truly happy as part of your team.

Tailor your training

At Merco we have developed our own system of training, which we know works. Firstly one of our experienced managers holds a one-on-one session to determine an employee’s key skills and capabilities. Once their strengths have been identified, they are then trained the ‘Merco way’, regardless of how they have been working up until that point. We want to be confident that our staff will do the best job possible for our clients, so we make sure each and every employee is taught the most effective way to clean. On top of this we educate our employees on the social aspects of the job, ensuring that they know how to deal effectively with any situations that may arise.

Monitor and improve

It’s incredibly important to schedule frequent refresher sessions to ensure staff retain their knowledge and are always improving their skill set. Our managers are regularly trained by industry bodies and so pass a stream of correct, up-to-date information on to their fellow staff members. Training is an ongoing process if you want to be at the top of your game as a business.

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