Ready and Waiting: The Benefits of Maintaining a Vacant Property

One of the realities of owning a commercial property is that when a tenant moves out, the property doesn’t necessarily change hands immediately. That means you could have premises sitting empty for anything from a few weeks to a few years. In that time, it’s easy for dust to gather and the condition to deteriorate.

Of course, if you’re trying to entice another tenant to move into the space, you want the property to look its best! That’s where vacant property services can be a huge help to commercial landlords.

Staying Ready with Merco

At Merco, our team have a track record for delivering outstanding cleaning services to our clients in offices and residential buildings across the North West. What you might not have realised, however, is that we also help clients with empty properties to keep them well-maintained and ready to go.

Our team achieves this by conducting regular and thorough inspections of a property, as well as general upkeep, ensuring that prospective tenants always see clients’ premises at their best.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Even after reading the above, you might still be wondering why it’s so important to pay for the upkeep of an empty commercial property. The reasoning is threefold: firstly, the aforementioned task of enticing a new tenant to take on a lease for the building means that a welcoming environment is a must. This way, you can be confident when showing prospective tenants around that it’s in its best condition, and you’re more likely to secure the result you want to see.

Secondly, there’s the sense that investments must be cared for. When buying commercial property, you’re investing in an asset that could make you a fantastic return – but you must be willing to care for that investment, and ensure that it’s maintained properly. If not, its value could decrease, and the return with it.

Thirdly, is cost. Maintaining vacant property through a professional contract cleaning company sounds expensive, but there’s actually an opportunity to save money. That’s because, without regular inspections and general upkeep, an empty building can generate a lot of dust and dirt.

When you secure your next tenant, that property will then need to be cleaned – but with so much built up grime, it will take longer and cost much more than regular maintenance, proving that prevention really is better than cure! 

Always Be Ready

If you have a vacant commercial property, don’t harm your chances of securing a new tenant and building a profitable relationship with them – keep the premises clean and maintained throughout its vacancy.

And don’t worry about tackling this mammoth task all alone, either: with a contract cleaning company such as Merco ready to help, it’s a straightforward operation.

To find out more about how we can help to maintain your vacant commercial property, feel free to get in touch – or explore our website to learn more about Merco.


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