commercial cleaning services

About Merco

Merco is the North West’s fastest growing cleaning and facilities services company and the only one which gives you a 100% reliability & satisfaction guarantee.

"Our vision is to be the most reliable and trustworthy cleaning and facilities services provider in the North West. We will work with you to deliver services which truly give you best value for your money.”

Service benefits to you

With Merco’s trusted team on your side, you benefit from the following:



Consistent cleaning and maintenance of your premises to the highest standards with a quality management system for performance monitoring, training and greater accountability. Read more

Our guarantee to deliver

With Merco, you get a free trial to see what we can do, and our 100% Reliability & Satisfaction Guarantee means you always get what you were promised. If we don’t perform, you don’t pay. Read more

Dedicated employed staff

Merco guarantees you a better cleaning service because we directly employ our staff rather than using sub-contractors. Loyal, dedicated and secure employees deliver better results and greater reliability. Read more

Contingency Planning

Our robust contingency system maintains the smooth running of your premises, even when staff absences occur. We guarantee your cleaning is still carried out to the same high standard. Read more

Itemised work for honesty and transparency

We itemise exactly how many hours a job takes and we commit to consistently honouring and fulfilling the cleaning hours agreed. You will receive full value for every hour you pay for. Read more

An accredited service to give you confidence

The Merco team is fully accredited to give you peace of mind. We meet all Health & Safety requirements and work in the safest possible way on your premises. Read more

Top quality, fully maintained products and equipment

The products we use are all of a high quality, environmentally friendly and safely applied with the specification of your premises in mind. Our equipment is regularly serviced and tested for safest possible use on your premises. Read more
commercial cleaning services

An accredited service to give you confidence

With Merco, you have access to our full range of cleaning and facilities services, as well as enjoying our loyalty discounts.  Working with us also gives you the flexibility and economy of using one contractor across the board.

We will meet with you face to face to discuss your requirements and expectations so that we fully understand what you want as part of the service.  We will work with you to design a bespoke cleaning schedule to precisely meet your own circumstances.

To find out more about how Merco can help keep your premises in ship shape order, or to take advantage of our free trial offer, call us today on 0161 883 0328.