Merco Cleans Up On Customer Services

As a business owner, you probably don’t need to be lectured on the importance of customer service for generating success within your organisation. After all, with all the attention being placed on social media and consumers becoming more vocal than ever, almost every business in the country has found themselves exploring the issue in recent years.

A recent study, however, showed that many cleaning companies are losing out on securing new contracts, purely for the fact that they’re not answering calls in time, leaving prospective clients to hit the voicemail inbox. Whereas this is hardly shocking news for a small business, for an established cleaning business, it’s not a great first impression.

Impressions are at the heart of what a contract cleaning company does: we enable clients to create a welcoming workplace that provides the best possible first impression to their employees, new recruits, customers and visitors; likewise, our residential management clients want potential residents to be impressed from the moment they pass through the door.

Not taking calls, then, works against a great first impression – and the resulting impression can end up lasting. Prospective clients may wait for a little while for their voicemail to be followed up on, but you can guarantee that they won’t wait forever. Unless, of course, you’ve come very highly recommended to them. But this scenario brings its own problems: someone has ultimately vouched for you and your business, and leaving communications to stagnate tend to reflect poorly on them.

At Merco, our team actively work to buck this trend. Our office-based team are fully trained at delivering on our promise of excellent communication. We also pride ourselves on delivering our 100% reliability guarantee, which extends across the whole business. At our headquarters, we’ll always have a member of the team on hand to take a call, whilst onsite we ensure that a member of our contract cleaning team is available even when another team member is off sick.

For our clients, this has made the world of difference. They’re happy knowing that no matter what, they’ll be getting our excellent contract cleaning services and their property will be cleaned to a high standard regularly, whilst our office-based team ensures relationships are managed and strengthened.

In conclusion, all that really needs to be said is this: when you’re choosing a contract cleaning company to work with, make sure you pick one that puts you first, providing a 100% reliability guarantee in the process. Work with Merco.

To find out more about how Merco can help you give your residential or business premises a spotless first impression, feel free to get in touch.

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