High Growth, Low Cost: How the UK government is supporting growth for the UK cleaning industry

Unlike other industries which have suffered in the face of the recession, the UK cleaning industry has gone from strength to strength, employing more people and making a significant contribution to the recovering economy.

Last spring MTW, the Building, DIY & Construction Market Research organisation, recorded that more than half of the UK’s contract cleaning companies had experienced growth throughout 2012 and 2013. Industry development doesn’t stop there, with researchers claiming that a focus on innovation and strategic internal operations will propel businesses growth over the coming years. The government has celebrated this development by co-investing in a new programme that hopes to see all UK cleaning companies grow their profits and enter into a new era of professionalism.

The programme, named ‘GrowthAccelerator’, is set to create 55,000 new jobs for the service industry and deliver £2.2 billion in growth within three years. The scheme, created to help UK business achieve success through sustainable growth is adopting universal approach, is encouraging businesses across the country and regardless of size to join the programme and achieve success.

The scheme also provides a strong system of support in four areas of activity: access to finance, business development, growth through innovation and leadership and management. A ‘Growth Manager’ helps companies focus on a specific area of improvement, whilst a carefully matched ‘Growth Coach’ provides partnering companies with access to workshops and master classes.

The scheme is directed towards business with high-growth potential, which employ less than 250 and have a turnover of less than 40 million. For example, a small company employing four people could receive up to £3,500 for a fee of £600 (+VAT) and could be eligible for an additional £2,000 per senior business manager which would be invested in funding and leadership development.

GrowthAccelerator has already recorded impressive results, with 3,400 business increasing their turnover and 3,100 adding new recruits to their payroll.

The scheme demonstrates that with a little support and motivation any company can achieve success.

For further information, visit www.growthaccelerator.com