The Importance of Excellent Customer Relations: What You Can Expect From Merco

We find that reputation counts a lot for a Greater Manchester Cleaning Service. Around 85% of Merco’s clients are long-term customers, this repeat business allows us to further cement our status in Manchester’s contract cleaning industry.

Before we quote for a job or are awarded a contract we always visit a potential new client on the site in question. We use this meeting to run through the specifics of the job. This means that we can get a full idea of what is needed as well as determining the right team for the job. We always quote accordingly. If offered the contract, we usually meet up again to confirm the job spec and then fully brief our managers. Greater Manchester Cleaning Service

The building type will determine which team will be assigned to the job, then they are brought to the site. They’re then trained at that specific location and introduced to the site manager or person in charge of the property’s maintenance. We find this approach means that the site manager’s expectations are clear and that our staff know exactly how to approach the job. We make sure staff have the training they need to complete work to the highest of standards.

Customer Service Is Not A Department

At Merco, we have the motto ‘customer service is not a department’. By which we mean that it is everyone’s responsibility. Even for the best cleaner in the world, being rude to a client or inflexible to their needs is unacceptable. This behavior could undo the work that we’ve put into securing a contract.

It has taken us a few years to build up our reputation, which has not been easy. Now we’re established and continue to perform to the highest of standards, always ensuring that ourselves and our staff perform. If you do this, then your reputation will continue to grow and you can focus on what you do best.

Looking for a Greater Manchester Cleaning Service?

Many people think that you have to settle for one or the other when it comes to any kind of service. That it’s acceptable to settle for unfriendly staff as long as they do a good job or vice versa. This should not be the case when it comes to a service you pay for.

At Merco we value and nurture all of our relationships, client and staff alike. We believe both attitude and performance are mutually exclusive – you can’t deliver a first class service with just one.

Call us today on 0161 883 0328 or go to Contact and request a quote. Merco offers a 100% reliability guarantee and a free trial – we know what it means to put customer satisfaction first.