First Impressions Matter: Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Company

We’ve all heard the famous saying: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. While that’s definitely true, it can sometimes be too easily forgotten in our modern world. With the stresses of running a start-up or keeping up to date with new social media marketing advances, first impressions of your working environment can sometimes get left behind. That’s why your competitors and associates hire a commercial cleaning company – but don’t just take our word for it! Here are two very good reasons to hire in a commercial cleaning company like Merco:

Your Clients

Clients and their first impressions are important to the success of your business; coming into an untidy office gives the opinion of chaos, not being reliable and generally ‘rough around the edges’. You may think this sounds a bit harsh, but put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If you were a prospective client attending a meeting in an unclean office which doesn’t feel welcoming, would you want to stay for a long time and talk business? Or get out with minimum fuss? A good impression and clean workplace should definitely be on the overheads, and for a small amount of money, you can make sure your clients always see the office in its best light, leaving you to do business with confidence.

Your Employees

A clean working environment is just as important when it comes to employees as it is with clients. Your employees have to work in the same space day in, day out, and it can eventually get to them. Although some start-ups or smaller companies will try and cram in a few moments of hoovering between spreadsheets and reports, it’s not realistic to ask employees to add housework to their job descriptions. Coming into a clean office on a Monday morning, however, is known to boost productivity and comfort levels. A comfortable workforce is a happy workforce – and a productive one too!

There are, of course, plenty more reasons to hire in a cleaning company like Merco, but we think these two are a suitable starting point!

Are you thinking about making a good impression with your office? Got questions? You can reach us here! We look forward to hearing from you.

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