Clean vs. Tidy: What’s the Real Difference and Why Does It Matter?

Let’s be honest: we all have different opinions on what the words clean and tidy mean. But is there a deeper meaning which we too often overlook in our day-to-day lives? Well, we blew the dust off our dictionary and sat down with some of our team to determine exactly what the difference is between a room being clean and being tidy – and why, as a business owner, it’s so important for you to understand that difference.

A Place for Everything

‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’ – how often did you hear your parents use that phrase as you were growing up, surrounded by a messy bedroom? This phrase is the perfect starting point for our comparison, as it instantly defines what ‘tidy’ really means: things are back where they belong.

In a workplace environment, you often get used to seeing cluttered desks and things left out, but it’s easy enough to have employees put things back to how they should be by the time five o’clock comes around.

In fact, many business owners think it sufficient to have employees tidy up after themselves, or pitch in on a regular basis. In theory, it’s a lovely idea full of teamwork and good intentions; in reality, it’s simply not enough.

Getting Down to Grime

This is where the difference becomes apparent. Cleaning becomes less about simply putting things away, and more about killing germs and ensuring a healthy, hygienic environment for people to work, eat, sleep and live in.

Some employers will again rely on their teams to ensure the workplace is clean, but it’s actually a much harder task than they might imagine. Why? Well, it’s because it’s safe to assume their employees aren’t professional cleaners (it would drive them mad if they were!), and the level of hygiene achieved by a professional can never be attained in a quick five-minute session on a Thursday afternoon. After all, clean means it’s safe and hygienic – there’s no need to worry about bacteria or festering spillages – rather than just stacking paper properly.

So Why is it Important?

We can forgive you for seeing this comparison as nit-picking or simple semantics, but knowing that there’s a difference, and understanding that difference, plays an important role in creating, maintaining and promoting a healthy work environment.

Is employee sickness high? Are your team suffering from asthma, hay fever or chest infections? Can you guarantee their safety in an adequately prepared work environment? These are all important questions to consider when tackling how clean your workplace is.

Understanding the stark contrast between a simple sprucing and the level of cleanliness on offer from a professional cleaning firm is what will help you to guarantee your team a space that has their best interests at heart – whether those interests are preventing allergy flare ups, stopping the spreading of minor illnesses, or simply providing a pleasant place to work.

I Relate – What Should I Do?

If you’re guilty of a quick office tidy at the end of a Friday and not much else, then it’s time to get the professionals involved. Give Merco a call and let’s discuss your requirements, so that we can provide your employees with a clean and tidy environment they can be happy – and healthy – in.

Merco are the only professional contract cleaning firm in Greater Manchester with a 100% Reliability Guarantee – we’ll never let you down! To find out more, get in touch or explore the rest of our website.