Merco Grows Closer to Nature with New Client


Over the last few weeks, the Merco team have been getting more in touch with their green sides following the acquisition of new client, Faith in Nature products.

We’re proud to announce that Merco’s hard-working onsite team are now responsible for cleaning the internal offices of this exciting and established brand, who have been delivering earth-friendly cosmetics for over 40 years.

Brand founder Rivka Rose began tackling the idea of ‘green’ cosmetics before it became fashionable to do so, and Merco is proud to be working with a business full of individuals who are passionate about tapping into – and taking care of – what nature has to offer.

Based in Lancashire, Faith in Nature’s internal offices have welcomed the Merco team with open arms, and allowed us to excel at what we believe in: providing 100% reliable and professional contract cleaning services. Although usually remaining in the Greater Manchester area, we’re more than happy to venture into Lancashire for this esteemed new client.

Merco’s onsite team ensures everyone at Faith in Nature gets to enjoy a refreshingly clean work environment every day – and so far, it’s been a pleasure to have worked with, and learned more about, Faith in Nature and their incredible journey. We look forward to a bright future together!

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