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Cleaning the workplace – UK Government Guidelines

Following long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July, the UK government is no longer instructing people to work from home where possible, so many workplaces will be dusting off the cobwebs and welcoming back employees.  For those who run these establishments (offices, labs, warehouses etc.) there’s much to consider and a lot of ground to cover. Working

Client Spotlight: Elite Bookkeepers

At Merco, we love celebrating the fantastic businesses calling Manchester and the wider North West their home – especially when they also happen to be our amazing clients. This month, we decided to catch up with local clients Elite Bookkeepers.

COVID-19: Cleaning in the workplace

The world has changed a lot in the past 12 months. Businesses in particular have had to adapt and there’s been a lot to take into account. Employee safety and workplace hygiene has never been as much of a priority. The standards that were held before the outbreak of COVID-19 are no longer good enough,

COVID-19: Office Hotspots

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had an influx of clients wanting to resume their office cleaning contracts, as they pull employees from their sofas and back into their suits. For most workplaces, the return to the office will be a lengthy process with ‘office culture’ as we always knew it significantly changing. So, we

Coronavirus | Merco has Upped Its Game

We hope you’re all safe and well, it’s been a while! Last time we gave an update, ‘Coronavirus’ wasn’t quite the household term it is today. Now here we are, one national lockdown later, trying to get used to the ‘new normal’. Like all cleaning companies during this Coronavirus epoch, Merco has upped its game