Creating the Ideal Workspace

Is your messy workspace driving you mental? It’s time to get organised.

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about creating a clean and clutter-free workspace.

We’re kind of experts on taking care of your space, so here are some expert tips to give you a dose of inspiration!

  1. Storage is good: Cabinets, drawers, boxes & shelves are all stylish storage solutions, so de-clutter what you already have and don’t hesitate to get more.

  2. Clutter is unproductive: Clutter is a proven cause of unproductivity in the office. What can you throw away or better yet, recycle? You can’t work efficiently without getting rid of the junk!

  3. Plants reduce stress: Plants reduce stress, increase productivity and freshen up the environment. Get some greenery!

  4. Clear desk = clear mind: A clear desk means a clear mind. Only have things that you absolutely need in arms reach.

  5. Organise your inbox, digital clutter is also a thing: Now is a great time to organise, clean and update your computer systems.

  6. Fresh decor: Not an essential step, but seasonal decor will lift your mood and keep things looking and feeling fresh.  

Once you’ve got your workspace organised, get in touch with Merco and we’ll keep your office or workplace looking bright and feeling clean all year round!