Ride 4 Bonim 2018

Here at Merco we value a lot of things. Honesty, reliability, efficiency, just to name a few. Another thing we value is a great cause, and supporting those great causes. We know what it means to make a positive difference – however large or small – to the life of someone else.

One cause we hold particularly dear is Ride4Bonim, and this June we have a chance to support them once again. A chance to give special needs children the opportunity they deserve in life.

Ride4Bonim is a 100km bike ride from Wales to Manchester. This year it takes place on 24th June and over £30,000 has already been raised through rider sponsorship and with just little under a month left until the ride, we’re going for one final push.

Its fundamental principle is to enhance the lives of these children by recognising the individual needs and to deliver a specialised education suited to their needs. Catering for a range of physical disabilities & sensory impairments amongst our children means that they must offer a continuum of therapeutic input and services to ensure that each child develops and reaches his / her fullest potential.

The money raised from the ride goes to Aim Habonim, a long-established and loving school for special needs and disabled Jewish children in Manchester. Aim Habonim has proved vital in offering a safe, stimulating and welcome environment for the children who attend.

Ride4Bonim originated when the school sought to expand the premises and create more space, as they found themselves turning away needy children due to the lack of room. In 2016, a very successful Ride4Bonim (thanks to generous donors and the 107 riders) managed to raise just over an amazing £150,000, which allowed the school to accommodate more classrooms, build more therapy equipment and benefit from the use of eye gaze technology.

The ride was not only a great success but also a fantastic day for everyone involved.

Merco’s Director Simon and Assistant Manager Neil both participated in the 2016 ride and are both participating again this year.

“When we first thought of setting up Ride4Bonim in 2016 we set a fundraising target of £50,000. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would achieve over £150,000! Just goes to show what people can achieve as a community when we all rally together to support such a special cause like Aim Habonim. Truly proud to be associated with the campaign and look forward to beating this year’s target too so that we can make a huge difference for our Special Kids.

Why this cause? Whilst we all manage to go about our daily lives relatively easily there are some people out there who aren’t able to do everything we can do. After seeing Aim Habonim in action one day it hit me that some children and indeed adults really struggle to do what we do daily without even thinking of. That is when I decided we need to do something to make the lives of these special children that little bit easier and better.“ – Simon, Merco’s Managing Director

Watch below: A Day In The Life Of Aim Habonim

Wondering what you can do to help? You can make a huge difference to the life of these special children by sponsoring Simon and/or Neil in the race. Every donation helps Aim Habonim to reach their goal.

Just click this link to sponsor and help us reach our £200,000 target: http://www.ride4bonim.org.uk/