Quality Audit Checklist: Office Cleaning

Does your current Manchester office cleaning company have a Quality Management System in place?

If you’ve outsourced an office cleaning service then you understand the importance of keeping your office pristine. You know it’s essential that your staff work in a clean environment and that an untidy and/or filthy office will reflect poorly on your business.

A cleaning service takes both time and responsibility off your hands, helping you to operate your business efficiently.

At least, those are the benefits you should be getting. When you pay for a service you are also paying for the peace of mind that all duties are being carried out every time and to the highest standard.

A first class service cannot be delivered if there is no quality management system in place. If there isn’t anyone supervising the quality of the office cleaning service then you are potentially wasting money on a sub-par service.

Here at Merco, we have supervisors who carry out Quality Audits on a regular basis on all our sites; to ensure that the service our clients receive from us is of maximum quality. We think it’s important that we find and resolve any issues/problems before you should, because when you start seeing and hearing of issues for yourself then our service is no longer efficient and it cancels out the reason you hired us in the first place.

We see this as such an important part of any cleaning service that we’ve produced for you a version of our Quality Audit Form that’s tailored specifically to you and your office cleaning service.

If you’re unsure on the quality of your service, or you think maybe it’s just time for a quick assessment then download the Quality Audit Checklist by entering your details below and see for yourself whether you’re getting 100% of the quality you pay for.

If it isn’t 10/10, then request a quote from Merco here and see what 10/10 looks like.

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