Coronavirus | Merco has Upped Its Game

We hope you’re all safe and well, it’s been a while! Last time we gave an update, ‘Coronavirus’ wasn’t quite the household term it is today. Now here we are, one national lockdown later, trying to get used to the ‘new normal’.

Like all cleaning companies during this Coronavirus epoch, Merco has upped its game in recent months.

While our number one priority has always been ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of cleaning, our main focus has naturally shifted to anti-viral cleaning in response to the current pandemic.

As businesses return to work, safety and hygiene have never been more important; and Office Managers and the like want to know with confidence that their cleaning company can provide a sanitary environment for their employees to work in.

So, in order to meet the new expectations, current policies have been reviewed and new policies have been put into place. Our cleaning staff have been brought back to work with their safety, and that of our clients, at the very top of the agenda.

Here’s our 8 point plan:


coronavirus plan


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