Keeping Your Word: Why it’s Important to Deliver on What You Promise to Your Customers

Every business makes promises to its customers – whether it’s in a slogan, making a public guarantee or when sealing the deal with a new client. And in our modern world, keeping up with your promises and delivering on them has never been more important.


Protecting the Brand

Following the advent of social media, customers have become more empowered than ever before. Now we’re all held to a higher standard, and if any business fails to meet their customer expectations and doesn’t deliver on their promises, then they can expect a significant and very public backlash online.

Of course it’s not just a Twitter-bashing businesses can face if their service isn’t up to scratch, either: the industry-wide standard has been raised by a surge in competition, and there’s an ever-increasing need to be compliant too.

But let’s not get bogged down with just the negatives. At Merco, we find it important to deliver on promises – in our case, a 100% reliability guarantee – not because of the consequences (which should still be noted), but because of the great things that can happen when you honour those pledges.


Why Deliver?

In our experience, there are three very positive reasons for delivering on promises to customers:


  • Customer Loyalty

Nothing strengthens a relationship more than being honest about what a customer can expect and then delivering to their satisfaction (and beyond). Our customers know that if a member of staff is sick or unavailable, we’ll rearrange our team to ensure their premises still get cleaned on time and to the same spectacular quality without missing a beat.


  • Better Workload Management

If we turn the camera on ourselves for a moment, keeping promises is very similar to the idea of sticking to a set of principles internally. Within Merco, our skilled cleaning team are fully aware of our pledge to clients and what we’ve promised. As a result of this understanding, the team are able to better manage their workloads, setting a high standard across the board and working to set themselves up for success.


  • News Travels

Even the most cynical person will agree that good news can spread just as quickly as bad reviews. Thanks to news of our reliability spreading between clients and beyond, we were awarded Best Cleaning Services Provider – North West England at the Build’s Facilities Management Awards 2016. This spreading of referrals and the recognition that came with it– and of course our ability to stick to our promises – has helped to elevate us to the position of most reliable contract cleaning service in the North West!


How Can We Deliver?

So how can your business put this into practice and start being as good as your word? Simply put, you need to only promise what you can do. In some instances, this will mean starting small until your team is at the right size to deliver more or the right skill sets are available, and in others it’ll mean completely overhauling internal processes in order to better reposition your company.

Just remember: once you’ve made the promise, you must keep it – and in return you’ll not only save the business from a hard time, but you’ll get to benefit from all the rewards being honest brings. Give it a try!

Merco is the North West’s most reliable contract cleaning service, with a 100% reliability guarantee in place to ensure even sickness or absence doesn’t prevent your premises from being cleaned to the highest standard. If you’d like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch through our website, or give us a call: 0161 883 0328.

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