In the Age of Remote Working, How Can a Contract Cleaning Company Turn Your Workplace into a Destination?

With the rise of remote working and the introduction of Gen Z to the workforce, it seems fewer and fewer employees are being enticed into the office. Even with the inclusion of flexible working though, there are still many great reasons for having employees co-exist under one roof, such as better relationships and easier team management – if you can get them in.

But aside from installing fashionable accessories and competing with Silicon Valley for the quirkiest office possible, how can you make a workplace into a destination that employees are happy venturing to every day? The answer is deceptively simple.

A Clean Start to the Day

If this is a challenge you’re currently facing, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a way to create this transformation that won’t a) break the bank and b) turn the office into a permanent breakout room. Even in these modern times, a traditional solution is still often best, with contract cleaning services playing a huge role in keeping employees invested in the workplace.

By engaging with a professional contract cleaning company, employers can ensure that the office is always presentable and welcoming to the staff who occupy it day in, day out. This extra attention to detail can make the world of difference, and allows employees to arrive at a clean, organised workplace which they’ll want to work in.

What’s more, your investment in their work environment won’t go unnoticed, and can even result in employees taking more pride in their surroundings too, voluntarily improving their workstations. Suddenly, the allure of a pool table is lost in the face of an office which matches their expectations of a successful and welcoming workplace.

Health and Happiness

It’s not just creating a visually pleasing atmosphere which will keep employees choosing the office over remote working either: there’s a lot to be said for health and happiness too.

Although many small businesses make do with cleaning the workplace themselves, pitching in as a team to tackle the dirt which accumulates, employees aren’t trained professionals in this area – which often means nasty germs continue to lurk long after the desks have been wiped down.

These lingering germs play havoc on employee health, and in turn they can make a team feel like they’re better off staying far away in order to keep their health –not to mention the absences from sickness which leave the office half-empty.

Furthermore, if you do have your team tidying the office themselves, there’s also the question of their happiness to think about. There’s every chance that they have important work to be completing, distraction-free, which has to be put on hold when the team starts cleaning together, or when their individual tidying duties crop up.

Instead, a contract cleaning company can visit at a time that better suits employees – such as before or after hours of operation – ensuring that the workplace is cleaned to an exceptionally high standard, and that employee health and happiness is sufficiently safeguarded.

An Invitation

Remote working – no matter how popular it currently is –  doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the office as we know it. Instead, it’s up to owners to provide employees with a dynamic workplace which they’re happy to be involved with in order to keep reaping the benefits of a team under a single roof.

Hiring a contract cleaning company such as Merco is a cost-effective and logical option at a time where many employers are attempting to placate younger generations with flashy features and crazy décor – all the while losing sight of what is actually supposed to be happening in a workplace.

So, if you’d like to bring a bit of spark back to your office space and create a destination that can rival even the promise of working remotely, then look no further: Merco is here to help, one clean desk at a time.

Merco is the only contract cleaning company in the North West with a 100% reliability guarantee. Don’t just take my word for it though: see what our clients say, explore our website, or get in touch with us directly – our team is always happy to help.