A positive month for Manchester

Mike Ingall’s recent declaration that Manchester is returning to a ‘golden era’, with people set to move back to the city ‘in their droves,’ signalled further positivity for Manchester property and business.

The Allied London chief executive told the audience at property festival, MIPIM, that people wanted to return to ‘a landscape of success’ naming Manchester as a ‘city of invention.’

This inspiring speech follows New Economy’s recent Manchester Monitoring statistics, which demonstrated a rise in demand for commercial property in the city. New Economy deputy director, Dr Alexander Roy, put this down to a rise in confidence from businesses in the region.

As a Greater Manchester-based business, it’s fantastic to see such positivity surrounding the city’s growth. We have long seen Manchester as a fantastic place to live and work, possessing a large number of truly brilliant businesses and a strong cultural offering.

We can testify to the growth that Manchester has seen in the past few years, with Merco’s portfolio of clients expanding rapidly and our business going from strength to strength. It really is an exciting time to be in Manchester, and we are looking forward to an even brighter future.