This Summer, Merco’s Shining a Light on Dirty Windows

You’d easily be forgiven for thinking it might still be winter, what with the grey skies and the cold weather still greeting us in the mornings. But as sure as the sky is blue behind all those clouds, summer is most definitely on the way, bringing with it plenty of sunny days to enjoy. In our opinion, sunshine is the best part of summer; just imagine warm rays on your skin by the pool, or lighting up your family picnic, or even as it sets in the evenings. Bliss!

Even if you’re stuck in an office all day during those beautiful sunny days, you can still take comfort in the sunlight streaming in through the windows, transforming the workplace into a happy, positive environment where employees don’t feel left out of summer celebrations.

For business owners, the influx of natural light in the summer months brings its own rewards: studies have shownthat employees are more productive, less stressed, and better rested – all contributing to greater overall performance. All that translates to a season of success for your business!

There is, however, a challenge to overcome before everybody can enjoy the benefits of a summer office: sunshine can also show up how dirty windows are, creating an off-putting sight which can also affect clients and visitors’ first impressions. Offices in the city are particularly likely to face this challenge, thanks to air pollution, whereas other workplaces who haven’t yet considered outdoor impressions during the dull winter months will find themselves confronted with a less-than-pleasant view.

That’s why, this summer (and all year round), Merco is shining a light on proper window cleaning up and down offices across the North West. Our professional team are offering tailored, high level commercial window cleaning services, all delivered using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment.

We also ensure that our team works safely and with proper, regularly updated training to make the whole process a breeze for everybody involved. This summer, your employees can feel the sun’s glow in the office, unimpeded by unsightly windows, and you can reap the benefits of a happier workforce – all by ensuring the cleanliness on the outside of your property matches the inside.

To find out more about Merco’s professional window cleaning service or any of our other available services, feel free to explore our website. Alternatively, get in touchdirectly with our team, who will be happy to help.


Image by Matthew Henry via