The Outside Counts Too: How Outdoors Maintenance Can Improve Your Employees’ Work Environment

When it comes to first impressions of buildings, the old adage “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” hits a stumbling block – especially when the building in question is your workplace, and its state is making for a less than warm welcome. No matter how tidy the inside is or how striking the décor is, if the outside of your premises is underwhelming in terms of cleanliness and maintenance, then there’s likely to be a poor first impression made – which can make for a depressing reality when you have to spend five days a week at said premises. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to make your workplace exterior as spotless as the interior and improve employee happiness along the way.

Give Them a Clear View 

Having your employees gazing out of the window doesn’t sound like an ideal work ethic, but research has actually shown that just seeing nature can boost brainpower and productivity. With that in mind – and considering the importance of natural light also touched upon in those studies – it’s important to wipe the dirt from the windows and give your employees a view to enjoy!

Having workplace windows cleaned regularly can ensure a constant source of natural light, a simple yet effective boost to first impressions made, and helps to keep you on top of any dirt accumulating. This is especially true for buildings which face the road and are subject to exhaust fumes and dirt all day, every day.

Maintain Outdoor Areas

There are many things to consider when we say ‘maintain outdoor areas’. For one, a weed dominated entrance heavily featuring litter is never an appealing site when entering a building. Having someone come to your workplace and regularly see to these small, yet troublesome tasks can immediately give your premises a noticeable shine.

Secondly, research has shown that employees focus better at work if they eat outside the office – if you want to capitalise on this benefit, however, you’ll need to provide a welcoming outside area that’s well maintained. This includes having grassy areas and bushes regularly trimmed, litter removed and any other small maintenance tasks dealt with.

Improving Waste Areas

Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of smelling distance, and if your premises’ refuse area isn’t well maintained, you can expect that to be true. Managing how your premises’ refuse area is looked after – including the regular and timely removal of bulky waste items – is an important aspect in sprucing up the building’s exterior. Like the window cleaning, it’s an easy first target to tackle – which should be taken advantage of.

How Do I Get Started? 

It sounds like a mammoth task list, but as mentioned above, perhaps start with the smaller tasks, such as refuse area management and arranging regular window cleaning. From here, build upon tackling the other areas and coming up with ideas of your own for improving first impressions – perhaps by adding some greenery or new signage?

Ultimately, the results will speak for themselves. Not only will your employees be happier working in a building they can be proud of, but clients and visitors will be greeted with a much more positive first impression – and first impressions always count!

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