Promises, Promises: What Merco’s Guarantee Means to Us

At Merco, we pride ourselves on being the only contract cleaning provider in the North West with a 100% reliability guarantee. That means we deliver an exceptional level of service which sees our clients’ premises cleaned to the highest standard, come rain or shine. As a result of this approach, we’ve built up quite the reputation for reliability, passion and getting the job done properly!

With so many other contract cleaners in Manchester and the North West, you may be wondering what sets Merco apart and helps us to be stand out. The key to our success – apart from the talents and dedication of our fantastic team, who strive to deliver our vision – is the guarantee that Merco offers to every client, new and old.

Our guarantee is simple: we promise to be 100% reliable, or we pay you. The joy of outsourcing cleaning to a contractor is that you don’t need to worry about internal staff making it in or finding a replacement if they can’t be there. Ergo, if a member of the Merco team can’t make it out for whatever reason, we will find their replacement for the day and service won’t be affected.

In the very unlikely event that service is affected – and believe me when I say it doesn’t happen often – and we’re unable to live up to our goal of 100% reliability, we ensure the client is paid for the inconvenience.

You might think that this would lose the business money, but in actual fact, it’s a rare occurrence. That’s because our team are passionate about their job and dedicated to living up to Merco’s guarantee. What’s more, we have such a system in place that our on-site and in-office teams work together to ensure clients are always happy, with continual training empowering our team to carry on improving in their roles.

The guarantee is incredibly important to everyone at Merco as we thoroughly believe that you should only pay for a service with which you’re happy. Otherwise, what’s the point? In short, our guarantee is at the heart of everything the Merco team does – without it, we wouldn’t be the honest, reliable contract cleaning company we are today.

To find out more about our guarantee, feel free to have a read on our website, or get in touch to book a Merco clean.