Not Just Cleaners: What’s Different About Working with Merco?

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Before a prospective client signs on to work with Merco, we like to answer any questions they may have, in order to start our relationship off on the right footing. Over time, we’ve heard lots of queries, but some seem to make more appearances than others – and one in particular has become very common, for a very good reason.


Potential clients want to be able to feel confident that whoever they’re entrusting their cleaning and facilities management duties to, the task will be undertaken to a consistently high standard, but they also want to know what sets them apart from the competitor. Recently, the most common question we’ve heard is ‘what will change if we start using Merco?’ More often than not, it’s usually followed by the statement that either way, ‘cleaners are cleaners’.


Of course cleaners are cleaners – if you’ve paid for someone to clean, we’d hope that that was what they were doing! But what sets Merco and our cleaners apart is how we recruit and manage our cleaning teams; it’s where the real difference in service can be seen.


Recruiting for Success


As all of our employees will know, Merco’s recruitment process is both thorough and fair, and was created to help us hire people in line with our values as a company. As you may have seen in our most recent blog or on LinkedIn, we’re currently recruiting people to a number of roles within our head office team. No matter where in the company the role is, though, we expect the same traits to apply to every individual throughout the business: we only want ambitious, hard-working and enthusiastic people joining our team and helping us to make a success of Merco.


We’ve found that the high standards we’ve set for ourselves and our teams enable us to keep raising the bar in terms of the service we deliver, constantly giving clients the excellent service they deserve. They also mean we can welcome the right people to the Merco family, before investing in the development of their skills through training. This ensures that their first day is as successful as every day that follows.


Managing Excellence


Training and development doesn’t stop after day one, however. At Merco, we pride ourselves on providing a consistently high quality of cleaning. We also understand that each of our cleaning staff is their own person, with their own skills and ability. That’s why we endeavor to provide regular training opportunities to everybody on our onsite teams.


What’s more, we have measures in place to track our cleaners’ progress and performance, ensuring that all work is of a high quality and clients are receiving the best service possible from us. If performance isn’t up to scratch, we can identify the individual and where they’re struggling and help them to overcome these challenges.


Our approach is unique within the industry and shows our commitment to both our staff and our clients. Merco believes in investing in its people. It also hopefully illustrates to our potential clients exactly what will change when they work with Merco: our work is consistently high quality and our teams are always being supported. The result for clients is an altogether much better cleaning experience.


In short, we at Merco think that cleaners have the potential to be so much more than ‘just cleaners’ if their employer is willing to invest in them. In our case, our teams are filled with industry-leading, award-winning experts in cleanliness and quality – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Try out the Merco’s stellar service for yourself, and see what the only North West facilities management with a 100% reliability guarantee can do for you. Get in touch and let’s talk!

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