Not in the Workplace: 5 of the Strangest Cleaning Inventions You Could Give a Miss

Humans have been cleaning for longer than we can remember – whether it’s our homes, our cars or our workplace, we’ve been a cleanliness-focused species for quite some time now. Of course, being the innovative bunch that we are, that means we’ve also come up with more than a few new tools to help tackle the workload. Unfortunately, not all of these inventions have been as successful as the vacuum cleaner or feather duster – here are four of our favourite cleaning inventions that were a little bit too hard to truly believe in.

  1. The Vacuum Ball

Pitched back in 2010, it’s clearly evident that this upgrade for the modern vacuum cleaner simply didn’t take off. The Vacuum Ball was a self-propelled sphere that ambled around the room collecting dust – albeit not as effectively as a smaller robotic cleaner, or a hoover. No matter how effective it might have been at collecting dust in open areas, it surely wouldn’t have found a place in even the most futuristic of offices thanks to its lumbering size – making under-the-desk cleaning an impossible task.



  1. FOKI Cleaner Shoes

In an attempt to minimise the effort put into cleaning, one concept designer decided to merge the necessity of shoes with the ability to sweep the floor. Imagine, if you will, the intern in charge of wearing these shoes to keep a clean office floor, all thanks to the small brushes attached to the sole. It’s not a good look for the office dress code.


Merco 3


  1. USB Desk Cleaner

Keeping desks tidy since never is the mini USB vacuum cleaner. Although it comes in many shapes and sizes, we thought we’d present it in the form closest to its full-size counterpart. Although a good idea for teenagers with crumb-filled laptop keys, the mini vacuum cleaner isn’t quite suitable in the workplace due to its not-so-discreet noise level.

Merco 2

  1. Intelligent Parking Chair

Recently, automobile manufacturer Nissan turned its gaze momentarily away from the current race to invent a driverless car, to instead focus on introducing a different kind of self-driving invention to the world: the ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’. Whereas the automatic chair isn’t designed to clean, Nissan were considering ways to increase tidiness in offices with less effort from staff. It’s strange then that they chose a chair which can put itself back under the desk, rather than a way to get employees to take dirty coffee mugs to the sink.

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