New Year, Same Issues?

New Year, Same Issues?

The festive break is over, everyone’s back in the office and the dust has now settled (and been hoovered, of course).

It’s the time of the year that self-help and productivity blogs are in abundance, and everyone appears to be making a ‘fresh start’.

How’s yours going? Has it been a sluggish start to the New Year? Or are you back into the swing of things?

Don’t feel too bad if it’s the former, after all, January is the monthly equivalent to Monday, things are bound to be slow! However, your surroundings could also be holding you back.

Did you return from the break refreshed and ready-to-go, with a clean office to greet you? Or did you spend your first morning back wiping away dust and wading through the dirty dishes to find your favourite mug?

Are these familiar issues that your office must deal with?

Unclean and messy surroundings won’t help you and your team get back to normal through the post-Holiday lull, and will certainly deter productivity throughout the whole year.

That’s why it’s important to say goodbye to your problematic service providers in 2019. If you find yourself facing the same issues with your cleaning company as you were last year, then it’s time for you to reassess.

While it’s easy and comfortable to stay with what you know, and your attachment might convince you to overlook the little problems here and there – your business deserves better.

Your issues might be that your cleaner doesn’t turn up from time to time, certain tasks are missed off/half done or maybe you have brought issues up, but they haven’t been resolved.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching your dedicated Area Manager regarding anything negative, then you have your answer. It’s time to find a new company.

You need a company that employ the reliable cleaners your business deserves, that’s easy to communicate with on any issue, and one that doesn’t take shortcuts. A company like Merco, perhaps?

We have a 100% reliability guarantee, and we’ll even offer you a Free Trial, so you be can be sure that we’re the right fit for you.

Get in touch today so you can say goodbye to your issues and hello to a healthier, more productive working environment.

You can call our office on 0161 883 0328 or contact us.