Merco Cleans Up the Myth Around ‘Expensive’ Contract Cleaning

During our years servicing the Manchester business community with impeccably cleaned offices and 100% reliability, we’ve become accustomed to hearing a persistent myth that pervades the cleaning industry: contract cleaners are just too expensive. In all fairness, the myth is more of a preconception – and one Merco is happy to dispel through fantastic feedback and glowing testimonials!

The Myth: A Fortune Per Hour

It’s always understandable when businesses wish to keep a tight hold on their expenses – especially when they’re in the midst of growth or have recently moved into a new office space – and as a result, contract cleaning is instantly a service considered to be too far out of the budget.

Where the misconception comes from, we’re not exactly sure, but it’s often thought by businesses that contractors will charge a hefty price per hour in exchange for a clean and tidy office. And although this is an expense which will benefit in the long-run – not just because it creates a healthier environment and greater productivity in staff – the truth couldn’t be more different.

The Reality

In reality – and especially when dealing with Merco – business owners can expect a flexible and affordable service, tailored to the needs of their business and premises. Whereas some may expect contract cleaners to insist on a twice daily clean, the truth is that the frequency of a clean depends on the space and those using it. This flexibility means that clients only pay for what they need, instantly dropping the cost from what they may have expected in the first place.

Additionally, the benefits we mentioned above make the hiring of a contract cleaning justifiable in the context of helping the workplace to remain a positive environment where employees and clients feel welcome and happy – businesses of all sizes can clearly benefit!

 Myth Busting Merco

As a popular contract cleaning company in Manchester, Merco is proud to have been able to bust the myth that contract cleaning services are expensive. Many clients have approached us with that preconception and found themselves both surprised and satisfied with the outcome – not just because the cost was a lot lower than expected, but also because quality hasn’t been sacrificed in exchange for affordability.

Merco firmly believe that the contract price our clients pay should include regular cleaning of ALL areas of their premises. That’s why we don’t charge extra for periodic deep cleaning tasks, and we always include these tasks as part of our regular cleaning schedule, thereby ensuring the premises consistently looks pristine and our clients don’t have to pay extra to have those tasks done.

For Merco and its cleaning team, providing such value and service is a rewarding experience, and we truly enjoy seeing such our clients happier as a result of our myth-busting!

If you’d like to find out more about the reality behind the myth, feel free to get in touch with the only North West cleaning contractor to boast a 100% reliability guarantee.