5 Signs That Things Aren’t Working Out With Your Office Cleaning Company

We’re reaching the end of February, Valentine’s Day is over and the rose-tinted glasses are coming off for another year. People are starting to see clearly again. However, glasses or no glasses, telltale signs of an imperfect relationship can be hard to spot. That goes for any kind of relationship, including the one with your current cleaning company.

Here are 5 signs that standards are slipping and things are no longer working out with your cleaning company:

  1. Office productivity has taken a dive

We’ve mentioned a few times in previous blogs that an unclean environment can be detrimental to the productivity and overall mental health of your employees. If you’ve noticed a lull in office efficiency or a change in attitude, there’s a chance that corners are being cut by your office cleaners.

Have a look around your office. Have bins been emptied, desks wiped and monitors dusted? Is the kitchen sink full of unwashed dishes? Small and simple things like this are easy to miss at first, but they all contribute to a larger problem. More importantly, they are part of the service you pay for, you are entitled to them.

When you ignore these problems and let things slide, it’s only yourself and your employees that pay the price.

  1. Quality Audits & Checks are Non-existent

It shouldn’t be up to you to measure the performance of your cleaning company. Quality audits and inspections are a sign that your company is truly committed to delivering a high-quality service. By regularly checking up on themselves, it means they can find issues and rectify them before you even know they exist.

If you’re the only one doing these checks and ensuring that things are running as they should, then it’s probably time to look for a new provider.

  1. You’ve been asking questions like ‘Has the cleaner been?’ or ‘Why has the cleaner not arrived yet?’

This is a big warning sign. Having to question whether your cleaner has even been indicates that your office isn’t being cleaned to the correct standard.

Lateness should not be a regular occurrence and you should never have to wonder where your cleaners are. Although tardiness is sometimes unavoidable and things happen, there’s never an excuse not to notify you of it beforehand.

  1. Poor communication

Leading on from the last point; there’s no room for poor communication when providing any kind of service. If your cleaning company can’t effectively communicate with you across the board, then that disorganisation will surely reflect in their cleaning operations.

  1. Things are consistently inconsistent

Do you walk into the office every morning expecting to find something that’s been missed off by your current cleaning service? Are you resigned to discovering an issue every other week? Take a look at your agreement and see what you were promised. If the service you’re receiving isn’t what your provider agreed to deliver on a consistent basis, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

So you’ve been enlightened to the signs and you’re looking for a new office cleaning company. If you’re unsure where to start, have a read of our office cleaning in Manchester blog. If you want a free valuation and quote for your office cleaning, request a callback here. We’d love to chat with you!