The North Wests Most Reliable Cleaning and Facilities Services Provider

The mission was clear: To become the most reliable and trustworthy cleaning & facilities services provider in the North West.

Reliability, trust and efficiency is what Simon Dresdner was looking for in a cleaning company when he was employed as a Property Manager at a local estate agent back in 2008. Instead, what he found was frustratingly disappointing. But this disappointment gave him the drive to create a solution to the problem, and in 2008 he founded Merco Services Ltd.

Simon first worked on his own in order to get to know the industry requirements first-hand so that he could guarantee his clients 100% satisfaction. Merco’s first loyal clients (who are still with us today) were looked after personally and always guaranteed a first class, reliable service. Rapidly, Merco’s reputation grew and so did the team. However, with the growth, Merco’s team have adopted Simon’s values as part of their mission.

Our methods and techniques have advanced since Merco was a one-man band; they have improved dramatically over the years through training and development, and our strict recruitment process ensures that we only employ the very best, dedicated staff who will deliver results in accordance with our values.

Six years later and little has changed; we may have grown, and our range of services may have developed but the values that Simon originally started out with remain firmly at the heart of what we do. What our clients receive now is the result of our experience and expertise along with a commitment to keeping to our core values. All our contracts are monitored constantly so that we are 100% certain we are living up to what we originally set out to be.

Today, we are the only cleaning &  facilities services company in the North West who are confident enough to offer a 100% Reliability Guarantee. That certainly says something.